KISA delivers innovative, reliable and safe government-funded solutions for independent living designed for your needs

KISA Emergency Communication Device
KISA Emergency Communication Device
Personal Alarm
KISA Personal Alarm

KISA's innovative solutions help seniors and people with disabilities stay safe and independent

KISA Organisation Package provides assistance for people with physical and intellectual challenges

KISA offers Two Life-Saving products to cater to the different needs of older Australians: the Personal Alarm and the Emergency Communication Device

The KISA Personal Alarm can reach one person quickly in an emergency situation

The KISA Emergency Communication Device also features mechanical buttons and high contrast colours. It can also reach multiple people with the touch of a button

The KISA Emergency Communication Device is designed to help individuals who struggle to use other more complicated devices

Additional features such as KISA GPS Tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security

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Government funding available for KISA

KISA provides assisted living technologies that support care, safety and monitoring for people who need them. We offer intelligent technology solutions such as home care communication devices, active GPS tracking and personal safety alarms.

These devices allow remote patient monitoring, which reduces the workload for carers and staff and provides discreet and convenient solutions for the user. KISA is supported under various government funding schemes.

Fall Detection - Safety

If you have an accident, a fall, or any other emergency, KISA devices can alert others and reach out for help. They can detect that you've taken a hard fall and connect you with your nominated contact or emergency services if you're immobile.

If it detects a fall, your KISA device will alert up to 5 contacts by text and voice call. The contacts can see the wearer's location on Google Maps and talk to them through the device's built-in speaker and microphone.

KISA's Two Life-Saving Products

KISA Emergency Communication Device

The KISA Organisations Package offers support for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device also features mechanical buttons and high contrast colours. It can also reach multiple people with the touch of a button.

The KISA Device is designed with simplicity in mind, helping those individuals who struggle to use other, more complicated devices.

Additional features such as KISA GPS tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security.

KISA Personal Alarm

The KISA Personal Alarm offers instant support for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities in an emergency.

The KISA Personal Alarm is large enough to hold, light enough to carry and easy to use in case of emergency.

The KISA Personal Mobile Alarm can reach one person quickly in an emergency situation.

Additional features such as KISA GPS tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security.

KISA gives you the ability to reach out in case of an emergency

KISA helps people with various physical limitations by providing large, easy-to-press mechanical buttons for people with limited dexterity.

Add emergency contacts, medical conditions, and allergies to the back panel to gain added peace of mind. This will enable those coming to aid to provide clear and prompt support.

KISA can also be manufactured with Braille text on the buttons for easy recognition by the visually impaired. Each button is limited to maximum of 3 Braille characters

A siren to draw attention to your loved one is activated automatically. Loudspeaker mode also activates, allowing those around the wearer to focus on providing support without the restriction of holding a phone to talk.

KISA Emergency Communication Device vs KISA Personal Alarm Which one will you choose?

KISA Emergency Communication Device

4G and Wi-Fi Calling ability

KISA Personal Alarm

4G and Wi-Fi Calling ability
KISA Emergency Communication DeviceKISA Personal Alarm
Number of Buttons101
CustomisationFront and BackBack Only
Custom DesignYesYes
Remote ControlYesLimited
GPS TrackingIncludedIncluded
Annual CostFixedFixed

Recommended Services for Your Organisation Packages

Turn your KISA into the ultimate personal health device

KISA GPS Tracking

KISA devices feature built-in GPS tracking, meaning you always know where your loved ones are, especially if they are at risk of wandering or getting lost.

$15Per month
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KISA Shield

KISA Shield allows you to blacklist or whitelist numbers to prevent scams, abuse or aggressive salespeople.

$8Per month
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Optional KISA Reminders Service

You can send up to 10 daily reminders to someone you care about. KISA Reminders delivers a simple, easy-to-use service, no matter what they need to remember.

$25Per month (5 daily reminders)


$40Per month (10 daily reminders)
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Smart & Accessible

Download the MyKISA app to track the location of a KISA user and make changes to the device settings.

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Empowering people with limited ability

Supporting Aged Care with Unique Solutions

KISA has been specifically designed for the elderly, who need a simple and reliable way to stay in touch with their family, friends, and carers. For many of our customers, using ordinary communication devices available on the market is simply not practical.

KISA was created with the help of organisations like Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Australia, and Dementia Australia, each of which has the greatest understanding of the challenges and needs of the elderly with various limitations, illnesses, or injuries.

KISA used this specialist input to develop two unique devices that suit different needs and preferences. Both devices include large mechanical buttons, large, easy-to-read print, a dedicated emergency services button, and the ability to reach out for help with the press of just one mechanical button. Getting reliable Active GPS tracking information 24/7 provides security, knowing your loved one is safe.

With twelve designs, KISA can accommodate most individual tastes and needs. Whether you struggle to read or use ordinary devices with screens and digital menus or prefer a simple and sleek device personal alarm with two solid colours, KISA has you covered. The large font used on the device also helps many users navigate the contact buttons easily and effectively so they can confidently reach out to the right contact when needed.

Displaying images as contacts give our clients confidence in knowing who they’re contacting without necessarily reading the contacts on the buttons.

For those looking for a simple security device, we have the KISA Personal Alarm with a single button featuring large text that says press for help.

Remembering a face, an image, or a word is all it takes for the customer to reach out to the right contact, and at times, it makes all the difference in an emergency.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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For Dementia
I've been struggling to get my father to use a mobile phone and gave up trying a couple of years ago. He has really taken to the KISA Phone we created for him, and we are now getting calls regularly from him when he is out and about. It has clearly improved his confidence in getting out of the house and living life.
For Seniors
On behalf of Colin & Eunice Schmidt (both 88yrs old) I would like to thank you prompt and professional service - they were very excited about their new phones and found them very easy to use compared to their old confusing mobile phone which they always left at home on the charger. They could wait to try them out and have been showing them to all their friends. They are proudly wearing them around their necks everywhere they go. Once again thank you so much from a pair of happy users.
For Dementia
The KISA Phone is a perfect solution for my 95 year-old mother who has dementia and lives in an aged care home. She never learnt to use a standard mobile phone but finds the KISA Phone easy to use and charge. The phone has been her lifeline for the last 3 years - she can contact family whenever she's worried about something or just needs something from the shop. The phone was especially vital during COVID lockdowns. We are very impressed with the KISA Phone and would highly recommend it
For Seniors
Your product originally came to my attention when a family friend recommended it for my father. Yet I see huge potential for the KISA Phone at my office. As it can be pre-programmed only to call other staff members and calls between KISA Phone are free, I can keep costs down while ensuring my staff are always in contact.
For Seniors
We had tried mum several times with a mobile phone, she just couldn’t get it! When we found the KISA Phone, we were over the moon, something simple and basic and easy to use. Mum got it and understood it straightaway. It wasn’t expensive in terms of buying any mobile phone. We’ve had one ‘glitch’ in approximately one year and their customer service was great. The glitch has been resolved, so happy days! Highly recommend.
For Dementia
Excellent Australian made, Melbourne based product. Purchased this phone for my father who moved to an aged-care facility two years ago. It has been brilliant! Fantastic customer service from Kisa, highly recommend. My father has never used a laptop/mobile phone in his life. He calls me daily! which is important during lockdown and I am unable to visit. Simple to use, easy to set up; Dad loves his KISA Phone! Great to have picture of his contacts on front cover as well. The volume can also be locked to loud on speaker for those hard of hearing, which works for my Dad. One of the best things I had done when Dad moved to full time care.

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