Stop Scams & Abuse with KISA Shield

KISA Emergency Communication Device
KISA Personal Alarm

KISA Shield allows you to block or approve numbers to protect your loved ones from deceptive callers, harassment, and aggressive salespeople.

KISA Shield

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It works





1. Sign-up

The KISA Shield service is automatically added to your account when you sign up through NDIS.

2. Add Contacts or Block Callers

Sign in to the MyKISA customer portal or the MyKISA app and select KISA Shield. You can either add a list of contacts to allow calls in and out OR add a list of blocked numbers to your device.

3. Relax

KISA Shield will automatically do the hard work for you and prevent fraudulent calls from coming through.

Protect Your loved ones with a Free Safety Feature! Comes with the NDIS package

KISA Shield is an included service that keeps your loved ones safe from scams, abuse and aggressive salespeople.

  • Automatically blocks all private number calls
  • Instant access via your KISA account of MyKISA mobile app
  • Edit your contact list or add blocked numbers at any time
  • Easy to add to your device and no extra apps to worry about
  • All calls from black-listed numbers in our database are also blocked
  • Melbourne-based quality support

Support Independent Living

KISA Shield supports independent living by providing:

Peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe from scams, abuse and fraud.

Enjoy freedom in not receiving confusing calls from outside your network.

Stress-free calls to and from the white-listed contacts only.

Data from a national database blocks calls from private and fraudulent numbers.

KISA Shield Saves You Time & Money

Last year, scammers stole $11 million from senior Australians. As a protective service, KISA Shield blocks spam and other forms of fraud or abuse that can plague seniors, Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients, NDIS members, and children and prevent them from falling victim to scams.

Similar to existing services from Telstra & Hiya, KISA Shield protects NDIS participants from:

Fraud & scams

Fraud & scams

Confusing & aggressive salespeople

Confusing & aggressive salespeople

Bullying & harassment

Bullying & harassment

Comparison Table


KISA Shield


Kisa table stationLandline

Protection from spam and scam callsYesNo, unless using a third-party app or serviceNo, unless using a caller ID device or service
Simplicity and ease of useYes, one click to callNo, requires navigating complex menusSomewhat
Portability and mobilityYesYesNo

KISA's Two Life-Saving Products

KISA Emergency Communication Device

The KISA NDIS Package offers support for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device also features mechanical buttons and high contrast colours. It can also reach multiple people with the touch of a button.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device is designed to help individuals who struggle to use other more complicated devices.

Additional features, such as KISA GPS tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders, provide added safety and security.

The KISA Personal Alarm offers instant support for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities in an emergency.

The KISA Personal Alarm is large enough to hold, light enough to carry and easy to use in case of emergency.

The KISA Personal Mobile Alarm can reach one person quickly in an emergency situation.

Additional features such as KISA GPS tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security.

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