A Device for Emergency Communication that is NDIS Funded

Information for Individuals and Families with loved ones funded by NDIS and the Professionals Who Work with Them

The KISA NDIS Package provides ongoing, hassle-free calls and support for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.

KISA offers two life-saving products to cater to the different needs of Australians: the Personal Alarm and the Emergency Communication Device.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device can reach one person quickly in an emergency situations.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device uses easy-to-press mechanical buttons and high-contrast colours to simplify staying connected to much-needed family and support networks.

The KISA Emergency Communication Device is designed to help individuals who struggle to use other, more complicated devices.

Additional features such as KISA GPS Tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security.

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KISA gives you the ability to reach out in case of an emergency

KISA is designed to help people with various physical limitations, with large, easy to press mechanical buttons for people with limited dexterity.

Add emergency contacts, medical conditions, and allergies to the back panel to gain added peace of mind. This will enable those coming to aid to provide clear and prompt support.

KISA can also be manufactured with Braille text on the buttons for easy recognition by the visually impaired. Each button is limited to maximum of 3 Braille characters.

A siren to draw attention to your loved one is activated automatically. Loudspeaker mode also activates, allowing those around the wearer to focus on providing support without the restriction of holding a phone to talk.

Additional Included Features

Fall Detection - Safety

If you have an accident, a fall, or any other emergency, KISA devices can alert others and reach out for help. They can detect that you've taken a hard fall and connect you with your nominated contact or emergency services if you're immobile.

If it detects a fall, your KISA device will alert up to 5 contacts by text and voice call. The contacts can see the wearer's location on Google Maps and talk to them through the device's built-in speaker and microphone.

KISA Emergency Communication Device Package

The NDIS Package are billed annually, but the benefits last a lifetime!

per year
With the Emergency Communication Device package, you also get an annual subscription to:
GPS Tracking Service
Shield Service
Australia-wide delivery

Services Included with NDIS Package

Turn your KISA into the ultimate personal health device

KISA GPS Tracking

KISA devices feature built-in GPS tracking, meaning you always know where your loved ones are, especially if they are at risk of wandering or getting lost.

Comes Included With NDIS Package

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KISA Shield

KISA Shield allows you to blacklist or whitelist numbers to prevent scams, abuse or aggressive salespeople.

Comes Included With NDIS Package

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Additional Options to Enhance Your KISA Experience:

Turn your KISA Device into the ultimate personal health device

5 Daily KISA Reminders

Help your loved ones stay on track with up to 5 daily reminders. Whether for health appointments or daily tasks, KISA Reminders will give you and your family peace of mind.

$300 year (5 daily reminders)
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10 Daily KISA Reminders

Send up to 10 automated text-to-voice reminder messages per day to a registered KISA Device so that your loved ones remember to take medication, attend appointments, eat, feed pets and exercise.

$480 year (10 daily reminders)
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Smart & Accessible

Download the MyKISA app to track the location of a KISA user and make changes to the device settings.

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KISA accessories

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How KISA devices stack up


KISA Personal AlarmKISA Personal Alarm

Kisa deviceKISA Emergency Communication Device

Medical PendantMedical Pendant

Medical Alert WristbandMedical Alert Wristband

Mobile Alarm Base StationMobile Alarm Base Station

Range4G mobile signal4G mobile signal4G mobile signal4G mobile signal30 metres
Battery36 to 48 Hours36 to 48 Hours36 to 48 Hours28 Hours50 Hours
Two Way CommunicationLimitedYesLimitedLimitedYes
Call FilteringYes, with KISA ShieldYes, with KISA ShieldNoNoNo
ChargingFast ChargingFast ChargingStandardStandardStandard
WiFi ConnectivityYesYesNoLimitedNo
Hearing Aid CompatibleYesYesNoNoNo
NDIS and HomecareYesYesYesNoYes
Empowering people with limited ability

Empowering people with limited ability

KISA was created with input from organisations like Vision Australia, Guide Dogs Australia, and Dementia Australia. The design's purpose was to help individuals with various limitations, illnesses, or injuries reach out or be reached in case of an emergency. For many of our customers, the use of ordinary communication devices available on the market is simply not practical.

At KISA, our utmost priority is to empower you and your loved ones with greater independence and peace of mind. We are deeply committed to your well-being and happiness. This commitment drives us to constantly seek better ways to deliver our services with excellence and compassion, ensuring that you feel supported and cared for every step of the way.

With input from specialists in the field, KISA has developed a unique device that includes large mechanical buttons, an easy-to-read print, a dedicated emergency services button, and the ability to reach out for help by pressing a single mechanical button.

Having the ability to get reliable GPS tracking information 24/7 provides a sense of security, as you can always know that your loved one is safe.

With a wide range of twelve designs to choose from, KISA offers a device that can cater to most individual tastes and needs. We understand the challenges of reading or using ordinary devices with screens and confusing digital menus, which is why our device features large mechanical buttons and easy-to-read print. The large font size used on the device also facilitates easy navigation of the contact buttons, empowering users to confidently reach out to the right contact when needed.

Having the ability to display images as contacts gives our clients confidence in knowing who they're contacting without having to necessarily read the contacts on the buttons. Remembering a face or an image is all it takes for the customer to reach out to the right contact, and this makes all the difference in times when it really matters.

What Our Clients Are Saying

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For Dementia
My wife has endured Alzheimer for quite a spell however until some 12 months ago she handled all appliances with ease yet the stage arose where we were forced to simplify matters. Through friends we were introduced to KISA a relative new supplier of specialized mobiles offering up to 10 predetermined (chosen by the owner) numbers with the NAMES clearly printed on the phone.
For Children
The KISA Phone has been great for my six year old son. He catches a school bus to Primary School every day and we feel a lot more relaxed knowing that he has the ability to call us whenever he needs to. We also love the fact that the KISA Phone doesn’t allow him to send or receive text messages or access the internet as at six years old we don’t think he is ready to have a phone with these features.
For Vision Impaired
My eyesight has gotten worse as I've aged, and I stopped mobile phones until now. I love the large buttons and text on the KISA Phone, it makes it really easy to just pick up the phone and call. I prefer using the KISA Phone over my landline as it is quicker for me to make calls on the KISA Phone. I'm going to get my family onto the KISA Phone plans so we can all call each other for free.
For Dementia
My husband has used this 'phone for many years as his Dementia progressed. I was able to easily modify the function when he needed an even more basic phone. We have been very happy with it. I can recommend the phone and the excellent service provided with it.
For Vision Impaired
I have been dealing with the crew from Kisa for a few years and have found them to be extremely helpful and Dimitry bends over backwards to accommodate my needs (as a blind person). Nothing is too much trouble for him and his team.
For Children
I found the KISA Phone to be very easy for my brother to use especially with the pictures of the people he was ringing as his reading is not the best. Not having lots of other buttons to press made it impossible to lock himself out of the phone or to change any settings. This is perfect for similar people as my brother. This is the 2nd KISA Phone I purchased as I needed a Telstra Blue tick when my brother moved to a remote area.
For Reduced Dexterity
Truly a lifesaver. My sister is very ill and this is the only phone she can use. When she dropped and broke it Kisa replaced it for cost of postage.Great product, great service
For Children
Highly recommended the KISA for a first mobile phone for a young child and/or anyone who has a disability. It's basic, simple to use and it is safe for vulnerable people as there is no internet capability and the phone is fully customised and preprogrammed to suit the users individual needs. KISA is also an Australian owned and operated company. Ticks all the boxes, thanks KISA!

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