KISA is adaptable, inclusive and accessible, and speaks to you in your language

KISA Phones Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy, Safe & Connected

KISA Emergency Devices Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy, Safe & Connected

Easy-to-use single button dial and no confusing screens.

Family is just a touch away with text, photo or Braille contact buttons.

A large and simple SOS button can be used to alert family and carers in case of emergencies.

Never lose your device with a loud ringtone, lanyard and optional GPS Tracking.

Stress-free set-up and delivery from our Melbourne-based support team.

Long battery life of up to 3 days on standby or 4 hours of continuous calls.

Learn more by scheduling an obligation free video call with us.

Also Included with the KISA Phone

KISA Phone starts at just $598

Delivery $19 Australia-wide or $49 International

Up to 10 contacts

Large tactile buttons

Charging cradle

12 month warranty

Emergency medical information

Loud ringtone and speaker

SOS Button for emergencies


Additional Included Features

Fall Detection - Safety

If you have an accident, a fall, or any other emergency, KISA devices can alert others and reach out for help. They can detect that you've taken a hard fall and connect you with your nominated contact or emergency services if you're immobile.

If it detects a fall, your KISA device will alert up to 5 contacts by text and voice call. The contacts can see the wearer's location on Google Maps and talk to them through the device's built-in speaker and microphone.

sim cards


KISA is based in Australia, but our phones work anywhere in the world. You can use your own nano-SIM card with no issue. Our happy customers in the United States and Canada are using the KISA Phone on AT&T and the T-mobile networks. KISA Phones can be purchased easily via our website, and delivered worldwide by express-tracked post.

BYO SIM Requirements

We recommend plans with at least 500MB of monthly data for firmware updates.

KISA mobile phones are compatible with nano (4FF) size SIM cards. You choose whatever network provider works best for you.

Customise your KISA phone in any language

You can customise the text on the contact buttons, medical information and emergency contact details in any language.

If you can type it, we can make it.

multilanguage names

How long will it take my KISA Phone to arrive?

Every KISA Phone is custom-made
Manufacturing takes 2-5 business days
We then ship via DHL Express tracked to your location
While we cannot guarantee an exact time, DHL Express provides fast and secure worldwide shipping

KISA International Services

Turn your KISA into the ultimate personal health device

KISA GPS Tracking

KISA devices feature built-in GPS tracking, meaning you always know where your loved ones are, especially if they are at risk of wandering or getting lost.

$15Per month
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KISA Shield

KISA Shield allows you to blacklist or whitelist numbers to prevent scams, abuse or aggressive salespeople.

$8Per month
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Optional KISA Reminders Service

You can send up to 10 daily reminders to someone you care about. KISA Reminders delivers a simple, easy-to-use service, no matter what they need to remember.

$25Per month (5 daily reminders)


$40Per month (10 daily reminders)
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KISA’s Life-Saving Device

KISA Phone

Let our friendly Customer Support Team assist you with your enquiries.

The KISA phone features mechanical buttons and high-contrast colours. It can also reach multiple people with just one press of a button.

The KISA phone is designed for simplicity, helping those individuals who struggle to use other, more complicated devices.

Additional features, such as KISA GPS Tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders, provide added safety and security.

International Support

we only offer support in English
Customer Service

Contact us for any questions or assistance. At the moment, we only offer support in English.

change pre-programmed contact numbers
Changing Contacts or SOS Numbers

You can change pre-programmed contact numbers of SOS alerts at any time in your account settings via the customer portal or the MyKISA app. You can set the SOS alert to your own local emergency services number.

international order
Chargers and Adaptors

Each international order is shipped with a charger specific to the country so you do not need to buy an adaptor.

Contact buttons, emergency contact and personal information details
Language Options

Contact buttons, emergency contact and personal information details can be added in any language. KISA Reminders text-to-voice service also offers a wide range of language and voice options.

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