GPS Tracking for your KISA device

KISA Phone
KISA Personal Alarm

KISA devices feature built-in GPS tracking, meaning you always know where your loved ones are, especially if they are at risk of wandering or getting lost.

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It works





1. Sign-up

Getting KISA GPS Tracking is as easy as selecting the package you require; we give you three months free with a KISA Plan, and all you have to do to add it to your BYO SIM purchase is press a button!

2. Check Location

Use the MyKISA app or MyKISA customer portal to locate your loved one on Google Maps. KISA GPS Tracking updates every 12 minutes, making it easy to follow in real-time.

3. Relax

Enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and sound.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe for $0.50 a day!

  • Automatic location reporting on Google Maps
  • Instant access via your KISA account or MyKISA mobile app
  • Location history lets you check if your loved one is developing a wandering pattern or getting lost
  • No extra gadgets to worry about - each KISA device has built-in GPS
  • Melbourne-based quality support

KISA GPS Saves Lives

  • Keep your loved ones safe with real-time location reporting
  • Save critical time finding missing loved ones with instant access to their location
  • Give loved ones with cognitive disabilities the confidence to safely live a fuller, more independent life
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you can quickly locate lost loved ones in distress

Our KISA products are perfectly suited for:

Emergency Device For Elderly

With KISA, you can ensure that the most important people in your life feel connected and engaged by giving them an easy way to communicate.

Emergency Device For Children

Feel secure knowing that a KISA device means your children are safe and just one button press away by following their GPS location.

Emergency Device For Arthritis

With KISA Phone, features such as large mechanical buttons and tactile feedback make the ability to communicate simple and easy.

Emergency Device For Dementia

KISA Phone will help you quickly locate your loved ones and make communication simple and safe.

Emergency Device For Vision Impaired

KISA Phone’s inclusive designs are perfect for people with limited or impaired vision, featuring bright colours, raised buttons, and even offering Braille compatibility.

Emergency Device For International

KISA is adaptable, inclusive, and accessible. KISA speaks your language.


Comparison Table


KISA GPS Tacking

Handheld GPS

GPS Apps

GPS Tracker

Calls and textsYesNoNoNo
Location historyYesYesYesYes
Battery lifeUp to 5 daysVaries by model and brandDepends on the phone batteryVaries by model and brand
GPS SOS featuresYesNoNoVaries by model and brand
Access by loved one remotelyYesNoNoYes

KISA GPS Tracking





Available Worldwide

KISA's Two Life-Saving Products

KISA Phone

The Support Team at KISA is ready to help, whatever your needs.

The KISA Phone also features mechanical buttons and high contrast colours. It also can reach multiple people with just one button press.

The KISA Phone is designed with simplicity in mind, helping those individuals who struggle to use other, more complicated devices.

Additional features, such as KISA GPS tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders, provide added safety and security.

KISA Personal Alarm

Let our friendly Customer Support Team assist you with your enquiries.

The KISA Personal Alarm is large enough to hold, light enough to carry and easy to use in an emergency.

The KISA Personal Alarm can reach one person quickly in an emergency situation.

Additional features such as KISA GPS Tracking, KISA Shield and KISA Reminders provide added safety and security.

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